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1.1 The Core Computer Business (Pty) Ltd is referred to in this Shipping policy as (“iRobot SA”). All orders over R1000 will be delivered free of charge. Any order less than R1000 will carry a small courier fee. A courier company engaged by iRobot SA will perform deliveries. You may be required to provide a valid form of identification when your order is delivered.

1.2 iRobot SA is not liable for any incorrect order or delivery where you make an error in the information that you provide to iRobot SA e.g. if you provide the incorrect delivery address or submit an incorrect order.

1.3 You acknowledge that the delivery of your order may be impacted by events beyond iRobot SA’s control such as adverse weather conditions or industrial action. iRobot SA is not liable for late deliveries of products purchased through the iRobot SA website. iRobot SA will, however, try to ensure a smooth delivery process.

1.1 The Core Computer Business (Pty) Ltd is referred to in this Return policy as (“iRobot SA”). iRobot SA will refund or exchange any online purchases within 7 days from the date of receipt as long as the item has not been used or installed and is returned in the original packaging and that the relevant proof of purchase is provided. A 20% handling fee may be charged on opened/used purchases.

1.2 Products damaged on delivery:

1.2.1 Should a product be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery, please notify within 5 days of such delivery.

1.2.3 Once we have inspected the product and validated your return, we will at your choice repair or replace the product as soon as possible or issue you with a full refund.

1.3 Software products cannot be exchanged or refunded. Products will not be refunded or exchanged due to incompatibility. Please check compatibility information before placing an order. A courier collection fee of R100.00 may be charged on refunds and exchanges. iRobot SA will refund the purchase price of any product within 30 days after you cancel your agreement with iRobot SA.

1.4 iRobot SA offers a 90 day exchange guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your product, we will exchange the unit.

1.5. Where a product is purchased on iRobot SA’s website using a smart EFT/EFT pro payment method and a refund has been requested, the refund will only be processed by submitting the following documentation:

      • Proof of banking details
      • Copy of ID document

1.5.1 Refunds may take between 10-14 days to process

1.5.2 iRobot SA will not be liable for any bank charges, taxes and interest and/or other fees that may be levied against you for a refund.

1.6 Please, send an email to to begin the collection process.

1.7 For our detailed Returns & Warranties click here

After Sales Care is administrated by the EMEA Global team, you may be redirected away from the website to other online iRobot entities. 

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The Roomba i3/i3+ is packed with advanced features and a stylish new look. This robot offers intelligent navigation, a self-emptying capability with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal with the Roomba i3+ model, and an expanded range of personalized cleaning features powered by iRobot Genius™.

The primary difference between the Roomba i3/i3+, and the Roomba i7/i7+ and Roomba s9/s9+, is that the latter two models use iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology. This means that they have a localization camera, that identifies landmarks, and possess the ability to do Clean Zones, that allow a robot to clean around specific objects like couches or counters, and directed room cleaning. The Roomba i3/i3+ is a gyroscope-based robot, which means it cannot do Imprint Smart Mapping or Clean Zones. Roomba i3+ with its array of smart sensors, will still purposefully and logically clean in neat rows to navigate multiple rooms within the home, across hard floors and carpet. The Roomba i3/i3+ also brings a thoughtful new design that fits well into consumers’ homes, with a durable, woven texture that minimizes fingerprints and dust.

There are a number of ways that iRobot has engineered the Roomba i3/i3+ to navigate a home, all of which is rooted in years of experience and patented technology. Some of the technology employed by the Roomba i3/i3+ to navigate a home includes an optical floor tracking sensor (the same as the one found on the Roomba i7/s9 and 900 Series) to help with drift, the Room Confinement Sensor (RCON) to help with localization around the home base, gyroscope for direction, bump sensors for obstacle detection and a number of software algorithms/behaviors (e.g. wall follow). All of this technology equates to a high degree of confidence that the Roomba i3/i3+ will effectively navigate a home and complete its job.

While the Roomba i3+ systematically navigates from room to room and produces a Clean Map report when it is finished – it does not retain its map after cleaning or support certain features enabled by Imprint Smart Mapping, which is found on the Roomba i7/i7+ and Roomba s9/s9+ robot vacuums, and Braava jet m6 robot mop. Therefore, i3/i3+ do not support directed room cleaning and Clean Zones.

The Roomba i3/i3+ can localize itself within a certain degree of error. It will do this by crossing the path of the home base/clean base, and re-encountering unique corners that it had already cleaned previously. If a customer has to tend to the robot for whatever reason and they place it back down near where they picked it up, the robot will recalibrate and continue to build the same map.  

Yes. The Roomba i3/i3+, offers personalized suggestions via the iRobot Home App, such as recommended cleaning schedules based on past cleaning jobs and helpful cleaning suggestions during pet-shedding or allergy seasons. The IFTTT functionality that is integrated into the iRobot Home App (due to our work on iRobot Genius™ and an exclusive partnership with IFTTT), enables event-based automations. Certain features, like Recommended Keep Out Zones and Clean Zones, are only available on models with Smart Mapping capability.

Currently, customers who own Roomba robot vacuums that do not feature Imprint Smart Mapping will automatically have a “clean everywhere” favorite in their app. This serves as a simple, one-tap way to start cleaning. Customers are also able to customize the duration of how long their robot will clean, with 15, 30- and 45-minute cleaning intervals. These can be saved as Favorites. This is ideal for when a customer would prefer a quicker clean, when pressed for time or out running a quick errand.

Yes. The Braava jet m6 retains its ability to Smart Map, even when paired with a non-Smart Mapping Roomba, like the Roomba 900 Series and Roomba i3/i3+. The Braava jet m6 will begin cleaning when the Roomba 900 Series or Roomba i3/i3+ finishes its cleaning job, if selected.

The bottom of the robot itself has a port labeled “Automatic Dirt Disposal” – when the robot returns to its Clean Base and docks, this port aligns with the Debris Evacuation Port on the platform of the Clean Base. Once debris evacuation is initiated, a blower motor in the Clean Base sucks the debris out of the bin of the robot up through the Debris Evacuation Tube of the Clean Base. The debris is then deposited into the AllergenLock Dirt Disposal Bag in the Clean Base.

Routine care and maintenance, including suggested time intervals for replacing accessories like filters, can be found beginning on Page 5 in the Roomba i Series owner’s manual and Page 2 in the Clean Base owner’s manual.  Users can also refer to the Help section in the app for care instructions.  

Aside from emptying the AllergenLock Bag when it is full – approximately every 60 days, depending on your home environment – there is minimal regular maintenance for the Clean Base. Other maintenance tasks are outlined on Page 2 in the Clean Base owner’s manual and include occasionally cleaning the charging contacts, the IR window and removing debris from the internal blower cover.

The i3+ navigates and maps your home in neat rows using state-of-the-art floor tracking sensors to vacuum hardwood and carpet.

Clean Base® is designed to hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris. Results will vary based on floor surfaces, whether you have pets, etc.

All of our Roomba models can effectively clean both carpets and hard floors, but the Roomba s9+ is a particularly good choice thanks to deeper carpet clean and specialised corner clean capabilities. Source 

Our Roomba® s9, Roomba® i7, and Braava jet® m6 models are designed to automatically return to charge when the battery is running low. Once it has enough battery power, the robot will automatically resume cleaning where it left off. Source

Yes! Our Roomba Combo® robot vacuums and mops in a single pass, helping take care of all your floor cleaning needs. Source

Promotional Terms and Conditions

1.1 These competition rules (“rules”) explain your rights and duties upon participating in the competition and submitting stories or any other content to the competition or any other social media engagement drive. If you take part in this competition and accept any prize, these rules will apply to you and you agree that the body running the event and competition (“the Promoter/s”) can assume that you have read and agreed to be legally bound by these rules.

1.2 The competition will only be running on the platform on which it is posted and promoted. All qualification and entry criteria, unless stated otherwise, will be included in the social media post or advert promoting the competition.

1.3 The competition is open to all South African Residents above the age of 18, who are in possession of valid identity document, except directors, members, partners, employees, consultants of or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter or marketing service providers in respect of the competition, or their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.

1.4 We are giving away one iRobot Roomba i3 Robot vacuum cleaner to the value of the Recommended Retail Price R8799, to one lucky fan. All you have to do is look out for our competition posts on our social media channels and answer an easy question about iRobot Roombas.

1.5 The competition begins on midnight Friday 24th September and ends on midnight Sunday 24th October 2021. By entering this competition you consent to us using your name in a winners announcement post on our social media channels unless explicitly communicating otherwise.

1.6 Entries that are unclear, illegible, or contain errors will be declared invalid.

1.7 The Promoter is not liable for the failure of any technical element relating to this competition that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.

1.8 Winners will be randomly selected by the Promoter and the winner selection decision is final.

1.9 The Promoter will endeavor to contact the prize winner via email and/or direct message on the appropriate social media platform to acquire their contact information. If, however, the winner cannot be reached after 3 (three) attempts have been made to contact them during business hours within a period of 72 (seventy-two) hours for any reason whatsoever, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be selected in accordance with the competition rules.

1.10 The prize is not exchangeable for cash and not transferable.

1.11 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend without notice the terms of this promotion and any prizes issued in the event of a major catastrophe, war, earthquake or any actual or anticipated or alleged breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other circumstance beyond the Promoters’ control.

1.12 The Promoter reserves the right to request that images are taken of the prize winner used for publicity purposes or that a prize winner allow their name and likeness to be used by the Promoter in its marketing material in any manner which the promoter deems fit, which request the prize winner is entitled to decline. Should the prize winner consent to the use of their image, name and likeness, no remuneration will be payable to the prize winner, and all materials arising from such use will be the sole property of the Promoter.

1.13 The Promoter shall have the right to terminate the competition immediately and without notice for any reason beyond its control requiring this. In the event of such termination, all participants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of this promotion and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the Promoter, its agents and staff.

1.14 Participation in the competition constitutes acceptance of the competition rules and entrants agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

1.15 The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

1.16 South African law shall be applicable and the South African courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any proceedings in connection with this promotion.

  1. Black Friday takes place from 22-30 November and iRobot is offering some amazing deals on selected products.
  2. iRobot’s Black Friday promotion is a 9 day sale, beginning at midnight 00:01am on 22 November 2021 and ends at 11:59pm on 30 November 2021
  3. Offers are on selected promotional products and while stocks last. 
  4. Other coupon and/or discount codes may not be used in conjunction with the Black Friday sale.
  5. You need to checkout and pay for your items before midnight on Tuesday 30th November 2021 to guarantee your purchase. Items placed in your cart that have not been paid for will be not be applicable for the sale.
  6. By participating in the promotion, customers agree to and accept the General Terms and Conditions.
  7. Please note, General Terms and Conditions do apply. Please also refer to our refunds and returns policy on our Returns and Warranties page: