A Software Update to Upgrade for a Fully Customisable Cleaning Schedule

At iRobot we’re aware that there are more important things in life than cleaning and keeping your home spotless. Let’s face it – life happens and it’s important to live in the moment, every moment. Although we do believe a clean and calm space helps our mental health and wellbeing.

Whether it be sitting down together for a meal, taking your fur kids for a walk, or helping your little ones with homework; a messy home shouldn’t get in the way of really taking advantage of time with those that matter most. But how is it possible to do it all, and still maintain a clean and tidy home? That’s where iRobot rises to the challenge! 

With iRobot OS, the latest software update launching in June 2022. iRobot owners will be able to experience customisation like never before. A huge focus with this latest update is to allow iRobot owners more control over how their robot vacuum and mop cleans, how often and in what way. 

One extremely exciting change will see the introduction of the ability to control things like suction power, cleaning modes, liquid amount, and cleaning modes all from within the app. This will give you the power to make smart decisions around how your device tackles the cleaning. 

Over and above this, you’ll be able to program your iRobot to have specific cleaning routines per zone or room in your home. For example, if you have a zone in your home – like your kitchen – which is prone to high foot traffic, you can tell your iRobot to clean that area at certain times or more than once per day. And on the other hand, if your spare bedroom is rarely used, you can schedule a bi-weekly clean instead. 

Another exciting change that will come about with this software update is the introduction of Apple’s ability to schedule your cleaning routine in line with Favourites, Zones, Rooms and DRCs. For example, once linked to your iOS device, you’d simply need to tell Siri to “Clean the Kitchen” and it’ll get on the job – no fuss, no hassle! See more: https://bit.ly/3x9Kb0l

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