Why Falling in Love with an iRobot is so Easy

The year is 2022, life is a little chaotic, and the new ‘normal’ means a lot of people are still living and working in the same space day in and day out. The work-from-home life is appealing to a lot of people but one thing we know is that chores and cleaning responsibilities are piling up a lot quicker than they used to. 

Every story needs a heroine or hero – enter the iRobot Roomba range. Dependable, hard-working, intelligent, independent, and robust. To us, this sounds like the perfect ‘swipe right’ scenario. 

The iRobot range of robot vacuums and mops are built on a strong foundation of innovation and smart technology that will ensure you’re able to live your life, without having to worry about the small things. Here are four reasons why falling in love with the iRobot range is so easy, and just makes sense. 

30-Years of Innovation

iRobot is backed by passion, lead by innovation, and is driven by over 30-years of robotics expertise with a worldwide footprint. The aim of this range is to empower individuals to take cleaning off their to-do lists and give them the space and time needed for the things that matter most. You know, the things that don’t involve cleaning. 

The iRobot range maps out your home, determines your schedule, and ensures your home is sparkling clean when you arrive home. But what does this mean for you, over and above from a clean home? The precious commodity of time. Time to spend with family, on your passion project, or entertaining friends without the worry of making sure the floor is spotless.  

Connects to your Home. Syncs to your Life

The range of robotic vacuums and mops are equipped to connect to Google Home and Alexa-enabled smart devices, which gives you the power to communicate with your device to instruct on key areas to clean, update your schedule, and change configuration. 

It’s time to say goodbye to complex management and configuration, as the iRobot range is constantly learning how to better clean your home, without getting in the way. 

Adaptable. And Dependable 

Thanks to Reactive Sensor Technology, the range knows exactly where it can pass, and where it can’t. This means your robotic device does not need to be monitored to avoid getting stuck on furniture or other obstacles.  

Over and above this technology, the range is also able to learn the best time to get to work, and the best time to stay out of the way, based on your busy schedule. Having people over last-minute? No issue, simply tell your iRobot to get to work on key areas you need to be cleaned ahead of their arrival. 

Cleans Up After You, And Itself! 

Another innovative technology addition we’re extremely proud of is the iRobot Direct Detect Technology, which enables your robotic vacuum to detect key areas in your home that might experience higher foot traffic, could be collecting more animal hair than others, or is an area that needs a little more attention during a routine clean. 

Further, key models in the range also offer a self-emptying functionality that enables you to forget about vacuuming for 60 days. Thanks to Automatic Dirt Disposal and our AllergenLock bags that trap 99% of pollen and mould, dirt and dust stay gone and mean no mess or cloud of dust when emptying after 60 days. 

If you’re a romantic at heart, then there’s no truer love story than that between your iRobot vacuum and your home! Say goodbye to dust bunnies, pet fur, crumbs, and other daily messes, and say hello to the investment that truly ends up paying for itself. 

Convinced? View our wide range – to suit every budget – online now.

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