The IRobot® Roomba® is about the time you save instead of vacuuming

Did you know that the average person spends 3 hours of their day cleaning, which amounts to about 23 hours and 36 minutes a month! That’s almost an entire day, cleaning. We’re not sure about you but this season there are so many other things we’d rather be doing. Think how many days per year they spend dusting and wiping and mopping and sucking up pet hair and peanut shells (we’d imagine).

If you’re like us and would rather spend those hours (and subsequent days) living life and creating memories, then we suggest you explore the variety of smart-home cleaning appliances that iRobot® has to offer. We know that looking after your family and creating a home for them to thrive in is of the utmost importance. But why not let us lift some of the burdens off your shoulders. Our ‘little’ robots are tireless.


Simplify your life with the IRobot® Roomba®

If you’re just about to embark on a smart-home journey and aren’t quite sure which make and model (and let’s be honest, price) is for your home, rest assured that we have a selection of models to suit every budget. Explore our products here

The Roomba® R698 Robot Vacuum is the perfect choice for you. Think of this as our introductory model, this little robot learns your cleaning habits and will suggest personalized schedules that take care of daily dirt, dust, and debris.  This robot is a great way to begin cleaning your home smarter.

Our vacuums are the leaders in smart home tech innovation, your robot can follow voice-activated commands through Alexa, IFTTT, Yonomi or Google Assistant – which is so much more conducive to happiness than lugging around that cumbersome old-fashion cleaner from room to room. This will also benefit your domestic helper’s attention so they can spend that energy elsewhere, on hard to clean areas that matter, like bathrooms. While you’re sending your robot from room to room it’s always nifty to remember that it can sync to the rhythm of *your* life. 

For example, send seasonal allergy symptoms running for the hills and schedule extra cleaning sessions when the dust and pollen counts are at their highest. 

Why not set your sights on the IRobot® Roomba® I7 Robot Vacuum. This powerful little robot is not only accurate but will adapt to your life, unleashing powerful cleaning with a single command.

You can also tell any of our robots to clean exactly where you want them to, when you want them to with the Custom Cleaning Control. Simplify your life and tell the robot where exactly you need cleaned, it could be a single area in a room, a whole floor, a single specific room or all of the rooms in your home. 


iRobot; so you can human

Our robots are technologically advanced and are designed with the aim of simplifying your life and saving you time so that you can spend it doing the important things. Don’t let the humdrum chores of life get you down, live your life with a simple click of the mouse and order your iRobot® Roomba® today. 

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