It’s About Time

October is here again, and while the seasons may have changed and the months have crawled by, we are still working from home or living at work. As the old saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same (or at home).

But of the many lessons we’ve learnt this year, the most important one is “it’s about time.”

It’s about time that the world shifts and we remove ourselves from the daily slog and toil. It’s about time that we stopped and smelled the roses as it were. While the last 18-topsy-turvy months have taken some getting used to, we are 100% certain that time is precious. Whether it’s laying in a hammock with a book or putting all your soul into a passion project. Life is too short to be fighting with cat hairs on the carpet or trailing after your toddler who is eating toast.

What a gift to ourselves sitting back, relaxing and letting iRobot® handle all the spills, crumbs and sandy footprints. With the arrival of our new range of robots in South Africa that include the: iRobot® Roomba® S9+, i3 & i3+, i7 & i7+, and the iRobot® Braava® Jet M6 Robot Mop along with their accessories, we plan to keep the range and robot excellence in SA growing. Whichever you choose, iRobot® will give you time back to spend with your family doing the things that you LOVE!

iRobot® products have been welcomed into millions of homes around the world and it’s now South Africa’s time to swing open the door – sanitize fully – and bring in a new age of cleaning, sweeping, mopping and over-all dust busting.

iRobot has you and your family at the heart of its state of the art mapping and navigation technologies that offer human-robot interaction and physical solutions; allowing you to get more done in the day because you have chosen a top of the range robotics solution for your home.

Here’s a little more about the S series and iRobot’s clever Keep Out Zones

If you are ready to save time and spend more of it with your friends, family, fur-children living your best life then what are you waiting for? Head on over to our store, we love the automatic dirt disposal unit that makes cleaning even more of a dream, view the i3+ or i7+.

A less chaotic and clean home is just a click away. Enjoy the best that smart home robotic systems have to offer, visit our online store and find your Robot.

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